Firewood Available

The cold temperatures and damp, snowy weather of this winter have kept us struggling to stay warm and to stay ahead of fuel and heating bills. Firewood has been in “hot” demand and Arbor Barber is pleased to report that we still have quality split, mixed hardwoods available for pick-up or delivery. Please call 215-822-8577 […]

Why We Plant Trees

Excerpt from “The Book of Trees” by Alfred Carl Hottes We plant trees because we love them. Some trees linger in our memories as old friends, from whose branches we have swung; under whose cool shade we have rested from paly or work. Some trees seem to have moods, changing from day to day, season […]

Stop the Topping

By Lindsay Bond Totten – Scripps Howard News Service Following is an excellent answer to the question, “What about topping my tree?” It was true then, and it’s true today. When will we stop mutilating our ornamental and shade trees through the practice of “topping?” Who mandated that topping was a legitimate means of controlling the height of […]