About Us

Arbor Barber Tree Service is a Veteran-Owned and operated Business, providing quality work. After exiting the military, I decided to work for a childhood friends’ Tree Service as a temporary job until figuring out what I wanted next… Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with this industry. Arboriculture allows me to be outside everyday, working in the Pacific Northwest (the most beautifully place in the world) as well as being a part of tree retention and environmental preservation. I look at every job as if it were my home and believe that this approach is what separates us from the other tree service providers; Our care and true commitment to nature.

As an arborist, our services are provided professionally and environmentally responsible. The PNW has very unique coastal vegetation with large fast growing trees that should be accessed by a professional Arborist. Tree balance, structural integrity issues, diseases, sapsucker damage and other unseen issues can be identified by a good Arborist. Addressing these issues early-on could be the difference between saving a tree and saving thousands on hazard tree removal at later.

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