Our Services

Our professional tree care makes a difference you will appreciate. Maximize the value and beauty of one of your property’s greatest assets. Contact us for an individual evaluation of your tree and shrub care needs.

Expert Pruning

Proper pruning techniques are used to help maintain and improve tree health and structure and to reduce the dangers caused by hazards such as dead and dying limbs and codominant stems with included bark crotching. Our tree care professionals will evaluate your trees and discuss with you the appropriate course of action to maintain tree health and longevity.


In certain situations, cables should be installed in trees to provide safety and longevity. Reasons for cabling include support for heavy limbs that extend over structures, support for wide-spreading branches or multi-stemmed trees that may be damaged by high winds or ice or snow loads, and to lend support to included bark crotches.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storm damage repairs and corrections are done on an individual basis. Don’t assume that an uprooted tree cannot be saved or that a split tree cannot be cabled and/or repaired. Call us first for an evaluation and recommendation.

Root Crown Excavation

Root crown excavation can help identify problems such as girdling roots, root rot, and soil compaction. Girdling roots grow around the main stem of the tree and its flares and can restrict or cut off completely the movement of water, plant nutrients, and stored food reserves, threatening the viability of the tree. Either by hand or using special tools, we can safely excavate the soil and evaluate the structure of the root system. Once diagnosed, corrective measures can sometimes be taken to enhance root development and repair damage to the tree to create the right environment for the tree to flourish.

Tree and Stump Removal

Arbor Barber is focused on the care and preservation of trees. But when removal is necessary, it is completed with the right equipment and expertise necessary to assure the safety of people and property. Elimination of tree stumps can be completed for the purpose of replanting in the same area or for lawn or planting bed regeneration.

Lightning Protection Systems

It is heartbreaking when a treasured tree is hit and damaged or destroyed by lightning. Our professionally installed lightning protection system will help protect your trees - and your family and property - against the potentially devastating effects of lightning strikes. One of our installations that the public can see is helping protect the centerpiece Sycamore tree at Bobby Simone’s Restaurant off State Street in Doylestown.


To supply nutrients determined to be deficient in order to promote health and vigor of trees and shrubs.

Insect and Disease Control

Individualized programs to control insects and disease that can weaken or kill a tree or shrub by destroying its leaves, trunk or root system.