About Us

Red MapleArbor Barber Tree Care Service has been serving Bucks, Montgomery, and Hunterdon county residents since 1985. We are dedicated to the care and preservation of trees and have established a loyal and expanding customer base made up of people who also care about their trees and their role in maximizing the beauty and value of their properties.

Following the tenets of Alex Shigo, the “Father of Modern Arboriculture” and author of Modern Arboriculture, Arbor Barber’s mission has always been to be a steward of the earth, paying attention to nature and learning and implementing modern arboriculture practices to help preserve and protect trees.

Modern arboriculture is about:

  • New and better ways to help trees stay healthy, safe, and attractive.
  • Tree systems: how trees grow and defend themselves.
  • Using your mind as well as your muscles.